Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arrghhhhhhh Kindle.....

I have a huge complaint in regards to the Kindle. I recently was given one for my Birthday, yes is was sweet of my Daddy to give it to me. No I really was not thrilled to get a piece of plastic that weighs 20 pounds. (Yes I know don't say it).

Now I decided to act with an open mind, I turned it on, it told me I had to register in order to download books. So I did register, and it said it accepted my order. So I downloaded (yeah right) Niel Gamines Stardust, S.A.C Doyle's Hounds of the Baskervilles. Well my Kindle froze up on me? I sat there then a message came across telling me that there was a "downloading issue" so I called B&N tech support and they informed me that there was an issue with my Credit Card, I evidently forgot to put the 3 digits that are on the back of the card with my CC info.

Okay, I understand that no problem. So I redid it, and low and behold, I was the proud owner of two ebooks. (more on these later) Well when I got my statement from Visa, I saw I paid for 2 of each book, plus 2 memberships. I guess my CC did go through, then when I called B&N, I was informed that they will immediately refund the extra 2 books. Nice of them... However they do not refund memberships.

Seriously, it took me 3 calls and being on hold almost 45 minutes in total time while they figured it out.

THANKS B&N for the wonderful experience. B&N Customer service gets... well I will save it for my official EBook review coming in a day or so.

New Books

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