Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are Prisons Obsolete

This book by Angela Y. Davis is one I bought new, and was anxious to read. I was at first interested in what she had to say, however this review will be short, as I was frankly disgusted at this authors constant attack on "society" and also "Goverment" as being somehow responsible by and large for the prison poulation.

The straw that broke my reading back however was her anology, that prisons are the new modern plantation that houses minorities and unfailry keeps them. The book mention not that most and I admit there are those few inoocent and also persecuted, however she no where states these men are in prison for breakng societies laws.

I am not some lock em up and throw away the key kinda gal, however I AM a take responsibility for your won actions kinda gal. Yes prisons have issues and we need MASS reform, however this author uses this book as a attack on prisons, and also a defense of minorities in prison as being victims. They are not by and large, and to read a book that extoles prisoners as being victimized makes me cringe.

This book gets....

2 Stars


This book by Laney Salisbury I bought at the same used book place as my previous review, however I admit my intent was to read a bit of it and then do a partial content review. Well... I started reading it and to my surprise, this was such a cool read.

I think that this book has to be one of my new faves. The book takes a deep look into the shady business of counterfeiting artwork. However the writer does this with an interesting flair, and also what you know is a little more of a understanding (inside) than he probably is willing to go too far and say...

The one thing I find lacking here are images, he is great at descriptions, however he leaves out the paperwork and art images that could have taken this book over the top. I have to clarify that his descriptions, really take you to the place and time, and I felt like I was there, helping with the dirty deeds...

Overall an excellent book, and one with images could have been a firm 5 stars, however as good as it is, a book of this type needs images. So this GOOD book is one a recommend, and also give...

4 Stars

The Violence of Hate

This book by Jack Levin is one I did get off the bargain book shelf at my favorite little spot in a certain city. The book was used, however the cover intrigued me, and I bought it. The whopping price 1.00...

I do not want to be unfair, or "hateful" here... However the book really does not do much in the way of holding on to the reader. The author is a Sociology professor, and he writes not for the layman, he writes for the student, however assumes you have taken two years of sociology.

The book is statistic heavy, with plenty of charts, and wizz bangs to prove his points, he defines (well I add) some of the terminology for those that are cretins, dumb asses, and overall morons who do dumb things out of misguided ego and hatred. However all through the book the reader runs into monotonous and laborious concepts, and sections, that frankly take what could be a really interesting book, and instead makes it a painful process to get through.

I hate to do this, however this book has the potential to get 4 or even maybe 5 stars, however due to its long boring parts, and assumptions on the readers level of knowledge, this book instead gets a solid.

3 Stars

Tsk Tsk another review

I may need to break out the dust rag here. It seems I have been gone for so long, my poor blog is missing me. Well I am back, with many books to review, one of my sisters also has something to add this eve, so without further ado, here we go.