Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is one of my first ventures into my Kindle, and although I detest the little piece of over priced plastic, I have to admit I wish I could find this book in Paper form.

This Kindle book is LOADED and I mean loaded with some of the best classic mysteries, everyone who ever knew anything about writing mysteries has a hand in here. This is truly a gem, and if they ever put this into print (hint hint) then I will buy it price I do not care.


What amazes me is some of the whining reviews, people saying not having a table of contents is a pain, hey rocket scientist, try thumbing through the pages. Or clicking the Kindle in this case. I admit I am giving a review based on the book and not the Kindle.

The editors of this book did a great job with it, and the way the stories are presented are very well done and make sense to me. I am still not used to the way the Kindle lets me go to a story, I find it very cumbersome. However the authors, Dickens, Christie, Doyle, Collins, Poe are all so good and they are at their very best here.

I have to admit the kindle version made me want to give it a lower rating than I normally would, and I am doing just that because I think they are releasing it in the kindle as a cost saving measure, however for those of us that love this genre, this would be an easy 50 or even more dollars spent, and I would do it with no complaints.

Great books, awesome stories, horrible platform to present them. Thus they get.

4 Stars

Grin and Bare It

This book from author Colleen Clement promises to be the "Rants of a single non-lesbian woman over 40"

I read this short work thinking of the promised biting satire that it said it contained. I love satire, and I love more when someone just says it the way it is, and this book really promised to do that.

Saying that, I walked away amazed, breathless at the utter frustration that this author obviously has towards anything resembling the male gender. She to me is angry at a lot of things, mainly men. She makes silly statements such as a there is no such thing as a special love between a mother and her child, that love is love. I am no mother, however I can tell you I see this in my friends with kids. She also feels that if you are single, and do not have kids, somehow you are out of place socially with those around you whom have kids.

HUH? Come to me again? I have NO kids, and have friends who have many and interact socially with them all the time and feel totally a part of the group. The authors writing is so self loathing that I felt sorry for her, she is obviously so unhappy deep down, and frankly her man hating diatribes against men makes this short read seem SOOOOO long.

I am sorry but what the author needs is a man, and a therapist in equal doses. I am not trying to be cruel, but this book is so horribly one sided. However my review is not. I really wanted to read some fun and biting commentary, something that would make me laugh, and agree, to pat her on her back and yell GO GIRL YEAH! But instead I walked away disgusted.

1 Star

Speaking Earth

Written by Maureen Lynah, we gave this one of our book cover awards, however what matters with us is the meat of the book. This book touts itself to be a book to help kids have a better appreciation of the Earth and what it gives us.

This book had SO and I mean SO much potential fora real ringer, a real cool book that could have done something I have been a fan of for my adult life, and that is Earth Awareness. In other words to you pigs who like to throw your McDonalds wrappers out the car window.. STOP.

The writer attempts to place lessons in this book, and the book is broken into sections that have a different theme or end lesson. However this is where the author fails. She places mundane questions in the book, that have nothing really to do with "lessons" or education of the earth. I would like to have seen practical lessons where the "student reader" would have to go outside, and actually interact with the outdoors.

Instead she just asks mundane and nonsensical questions that make the book if anything the opposite of what I think she is intending. Wonderful cover, wonderful design, and a SUPER concept, but the author frankly fails on executing that concept into something that it really should be. Thus I have to give her a I feel well deserved.

3 Stars

Go The &%^%%& To Sleep

I have been itching to read this book since it came out and caused so much tiffyiness. I am not a mom (thank god) and even if I was a parent, how in the heck can anyone see this book and not KNOW it is a spoof, a satire designed for adults.

If you read this, or even looked at the cover and thought it was designed for kids, you need to go to your kids Kindergarten class and learn a few things over.

The book is frankly funny as hell to read. You read it and it is laid out and illustrated like a kids book, but the "F" Bomb is dropped a lot, and I mean A LOT. So if you are offended by the "F" word then do not get it.

Now of course this is not a book for kids, and again honestly it is not my cup of tea for my personal collection, however overall the book is funny, and I have to hand it to the guy it plays on something that got him sales.

Sorry I have to give it an Effin....

5 Stars

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I was surprised when I started reading this book as the book markets itself to be horror, however it really is fantasy with a heavy dose of the paranormal. That normally would upset me, however in this case it was a smart marketing move.

The Author Ransom Riggs writing is very polished, and the research I could find on him indicated that this is hist first novel published. His writing is oddly familiar, almost like a Lewis style, however he does have the heavy Christian overtones that C.S. Lewis had.

His writing is filled with vivid descriptions of both scene and character, and he does not disappoint when it comes to plot. He is a very crisp writer, and if this is his first work, then watch out, as I want to see his fourth or even later books. Editing is spot on, syntax and scene setup is seamless.

I have to give this REALLY good book a deserved.

5 Stars