Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review IPad 3

I finally got my hands on the much hyped about, much loved by all Ipad 3.

I have had it now for two weeks, I have used it as a ebook reader, and also email client host, and also for some apps. I also have aggressively played with all of the features. To this I can keep this review very simple.

I am usually very happy with Apple products. I have a Mac Book Pro, I like it, I find it a great too for me to use. I also have a friend who has an IPad 2 and thus the following comments.

Apple let me down. The differences between the 2 and 3 and negligible. The increased power would never be noticed by 98 percent of users, and frankly the new screen, when compared side by side is not enough of a difference with this 20/20 eyesite to notice.

I think Apple was releasing this too soon, and the hype that has been plugged is simply the typical hype of those that have to have the latest and greatest toys. I think that what they hyped this to be caused a lot of dedicated Apple users to go out and blow money on a unneeded item. The Ipad 2 if you have one is something that you should keep. I would wait for Apple to truly release something new, not just a re-canned upgraded a bit replacement designed to make its "dedicated" user base to spend 500 more to Apple.

I give this product the following due to the fact that it is not enough of an upgrade to warrant tossing the IPad 2 and spending another 500. However if I ever do a review on how Apple tricks its users into being falsely loyal, then I would have done 10 stars.

2 Stars

Unfair Trade - Connor Woodman

This book was released in 2011 by aspiring author Connor Woodman, and claims that it will talk about the poor, and how larger businesses take advantage of the poor third world countries. The book struck a cord, and I think this author has it right.

The book is an easy read in that his writing style is easy to follow. He lays out his arguments with facts, that are easily researched and verified. I found something also impressive, as since he has an agenda, he however does not utilize that agenda in a way that uses skewed or inflated figures or information.

My only real complaint is that he plugs a company called Olam in the book, and I think this took away from his neutrality in this. A book like this, as well written as it was, and as well edited as it was it is a shame that he ruins it by adding a plug for a specific company. If he would have praised this company for its honorable handling of trade and the people, that would be one thing. However he plugged them in  away that made the reader wonder if he was receiving pay from them or some fee.

I do not now if that is the case, and am not saying it is. So due to this a solid five stars become a solid.

4 Stars

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J.K. Rowlings new release

An opinion on Rowlings new book. Yes I know it is not out yet, and I know that so many people will be judging me for a presumptive opinion, however I am still going to offer it.

Good, bad or whatever. Her new and upcoming book is a Mystery read, this I think is going to be her failing. I LOVE mysteries, and I think she is capable of doing a great one, however I also think that she pigeon holed herself with the Harry Potter series.

People look to this author as Harry's author, and also would be expecting a more fantasy based book. I admit if I bet money on her last year, I would have guessed she would be writing a new book that would have expanded on the Harry Potter world, or maybe even some kind of prequel, where Albus and Hagred were at school.

I think Rowling is going to be a victim of her own success and franchise here. Yes she will sell millions, and maybe that is her goal. However also, I think she will run into an unfair harsh criticism of her new book as readers and reviewers alike are used to HP.

I wish her luck, and admit I am anxiously awaiting her new book. You can bet it will be reviewed here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Son Of The Widow

A Son Of The Widow by W.R. Acock is an interesting read actually about a soldier in the British Army during the Indian Occupation by the British. The book was written by his long forward relatives, and the name of the author is actually a Pen name used by them.

My initial impression of this book is that it is attractive to look at. Story line is interesting, and although I am not a fan of Military or historical books, it was interesting to read.

However the book fell flat in one area, the author(s) failed to make I think the main subject, (Acock) someone I could relate to on a personal reader level. They I think wanted to make the book about this man, and kept too close to the information at hand. I think it would have helped this book, if they would have added some more personal details about him. Due to this it actually made me want more.

However also there were gems in the book like part IV. Overall it was a great read..

4 Stars

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curtains - Nicholson, Konrath, Wood

This is a series of short stories by three authors, the subject matter follows pretty much the same genre, horror, bloody and shocking. This is where they fall flat I think. Each story showcases a theme, mystery, suspense, crime etc. However in all reality they try to use outright gore to shock the reader into liking I think.

Now saying that, there were some interesting gems in here. The story titled "Watermelon" was something that really was kind of disturbing. However, there is where it stopped for me. Layer by layer they piled on the raw shock and awe in an attempt to pull the reader in, however instead they push and push the reader.

The biggest problem is that this book when it comes to the author Nicholson, is just a re-canning of short stories from another book he did. This is not original, and it is not labeled as thus on the cover, this I feel this is a trick on the reader. So if you follow this author, be ready for an upset as you are getting something you already have.

Editing wise the book has some issues, punctuation is lacking in proper form however it is also not too distracting.

If you are into books designed to shock via gore and not storyline, then this is the one for oyu, however due to the simple re-canning of Nicholsons work and the failure to let the reader know, combined with the hard gore and lacking backing storyline, I give this book a very solid.

3 Stars

The Hunger Games

This is what has been called the next Harry Potter. In all fairness I have to admit I have read the book and also seen the movie. (Stick with the book).........

Overall I enjoyed the read, the plot is interesting and new and the character development although shallow in some ways is interesting, and the plot makes up where CD is lacking. The author does a good job of making the visceral experience something to be savored. Her writing and dialogue gives the reader an easy escape into the world. However, I wish she would have spent more time on the main evil character, President Snow. Yes he appears in later books, I just think he could have been set better into the initial book.

Editing of this book is good, and there are only a few small plot issues that stand out, however they are so small I would be knit picking to point them out. Overall I see the book as a good read, not sure the wild fire take off of it, however I am just one reader.

I give it a solid

5 Stars

Yes it has been a bit

Sorry for my absence here on the huge cloud that is my book home. Due to my work, school and many other things I frankly have not been able to do much reading, however I have a ton of new books I have read now, and also it is time for some more awards. So thanks for staying by me those that are following the CAG.