Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curtains - Nicholson, Konrath, Wood

This is a series of short stories by three authors, the subject matter follows pretty much the same genre, horror, bloody and shocking. This is where they fall flat I think. Each story showcases a theme, mystery, suspense, crime etc. However in all reality they try to use outright gore to shock the reader into liking I think.

Now saying that, there were some interesting gems in here. The story titled "Watermelon" was something that really was kind of disturbing. However, there is where it stopped for me. Layer by layer they piled on the raw shock and awe in an attempt to pull the reader in, however instead they push and push the reader.

The biggest problem is that this book when it comes to the author Nicholson, is just a re-canning of short stories from another book he did. This is not original, and it is not labeled as thus on the cover, this I feel this is a trick on the reader. So if you follow this author, be ready for an upset as you are getting something you already have.

Editing wise the book has some issues, punctuation is lacking in proper form however it is also not too distracting.

If you are into books designed to shock via gore and not storyline, then this is the one for oyu, however due to the simple re-canning of Nicholsons work and the failure to let the reader know, combined with the hard gore and lacking backing storyline, I give this book a very solid.

3 Stars

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