Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J.K. Rowlings new release

An opinion on Rowlings new book. Yes I know it is not out yet, and I know that so many people will be judging me for a presumptive opinion, however I am still going to offer it.

Good, bad or whatever. Her new and upcoming book is a Mystery read, this I think is going to be her failing. I LOVE mysteries, and I think she is capable of doing a great one, however I also think that she pigeon holed herself with the Harry Potter series.

People look to this author as Harry's author, and also would be expecting a more fantasy based book. I admit if I bet money on her last year, I would have guessed she would be writing a new book that would have expanded on the Harry Potter world, or maybe even some kind of prequel, where Albus and Hagred were at school.

I think Rowling is going to be a victim of her own success and franchise here. Yes she will sell millions, and maybe that is her goal. However also, I think she will run into an unfair harsh criticism of her new book as readers and reviewers alike are used to HP.

I wish her luck, and admit I am anxiously awaiting her new book. You can bet it will be reviewed here.

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