Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unfair Trade - Connor Woodman

This book was released in 2011 by aspiring author Connor Woodman, and claims that it will talk about the poor, and how larger businesses take advantage of the poor third world countries. The book struck a cord, and I think this author has it right.

The book is an easy read in that his writing style is easy to follow. He lays out his arguments with facts, that are easily researched and verified. I found something also impressive, as since he has an agenda, he however does not utilize that agenda in a way that uses skewed or inflated figures or information.

My only real complaint is that he plugs a company called Olam in the book, and I think this took away from his neutrality in this. A book like this, as well written as it was, and as well edited as it was it is a shame that he ruins it by adding a plug for a specific company. If he would have praised this company for its honorable handling of trade and the people, that would be one thing. However he plugged them in  away that made the reader wonder if he was receiving pay from them or some fee.

I do not now if that is the case, and am not saying it is. So due to this a solid five stars become a solid.

4 Stars

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