Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review IPad 3

I finally got my hands on the much hyped about, much loved by all Ipad 3.

I have had it now for two weeks, I have used it as a ebook reader, and also email client host, and also for some apps. I also have aggressively played with all of the features. To this I can keep this review very simple.

I am usually very happy with Apple products. I have a Mac Book Pro, I like it, I find it a great too for me to use. I also have a friend who has an IPad 2 and thus the following comments.

Apple let me down. The differences between the 2 and 3 and negligible. The increased power would never be noticed by 98 percent of users, and frankly the new screen, when compared side by side is not enough of a difference with this 20/20 eyesite to notice.

I think Apple was releasing this too soon, and the hype that has been plugged is simply the typical hype of those that have to have the latest and greatest toys. I think that what they hyped this to be caused a lot of dedicated Apple users to go out and blow money on a unneeded item. The Ipad 2 if you have one is something that you should keep. I would wait for Apple to truly release something new, not just a re-canned upgraded a bit replacement designed to make its "dedicated" user base to spend 500 more to Apple.

I give this product the following due to the fact that it is not enough of an upgrade to warrant tossing the IPad 2 and spending another 500. However if I ever do a review on how Apple tricks its users into being falsely loyal, then I would have done 10 stars.

2 Stars

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