Monday, June 25, 2012

A servant of my country

Written by already published author Wendy Warwick White, this is an account of her fathers life while in the British military.

I found the book interesting, however the writing style of the author is odd in some ways. Her writing is stilted, and at times unnecessarily formal. I can tell she has very high opinion of her father, and deservedly so.

The book is well edited, and at first I was going to give it a minus due to some parts of the editing, however once I looked and thought more into it, it is obvious she is using British terms, and words.

A servant is a solid read, and I think it would appeal to most individuals who are into either military based books, English history, or even someone looking just for an insightful look into a world that not many individuals get to see too much of.

A servant of my country gets a solid...

4 Stars

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