Monday, June 25, 2012

Diary of abuse my Mikeael Dikeman recently published by 2 Moon Press chronicles the life of the author as a little boy, and the extreme abuse he suffered at the hands of his very own parents.

I have to warn anyone before hand this was a very disturbing read for me. The author writes this book in what he calls "The childs voice" and at times this got into the way of the reading. I understand his point and purpose to this, however as a reviewer and also reader I would have preferred to just read it in his own words, as an adult.

However saying that, the book was interesting and frankly I think everyone ever convicted of child abuse should have to read it and think about the impact of their own actions. This author really went through a lot of stuff, and I shudder to think of that little boy, abused, alone and with no on to turn to.

Editing was good considering it was written in kids speak. Now kids speak or the voice of the child means the author write it in a way, where you get the impression the child themselves is telling you the story. So the story although progressing well and logically, is at a few points a little hard to read. However what this man went through is very hard to read, and I found myself with tears in my eyes at a few points. Story line progressed in a logical fashion, and made sense in the order he write the events.

Overall this was a gripping and shocking read. This book is not designed for kids due to content descriptions of abuse. However due to the overall package, the authors bravery at publishing this using his real name, and the way the publisher handled the work. I give Diary of Abuse a very well earned...

4 Stars

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