Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bit about Facebook

I normally do not rant or rave about Social Netowrking. As I work in the IT field, I do understand about the importance of keeping plugged in, and also the importance that these sites serve.

Saying that however, I am amazed at how Facebook is so popular. I recently deleted my page. Reasoning for this was multi faceted. First of all I think the interface is dull, plain and the user cannot make it inatley "theirs", or unique to their personality.

I also do not like the fact that Facebook turns all features "on" that relate to emails being sent to my inbox, and also my information being available to all. This I think trips up far too many users that do not have normal PC knowledge. We already have far too much info out there in the etheral world of the web.

I also do not like the way it uses "networking" in the strictest sense. Facebook has extreme limits for users that own a small business, I had a personal page, I wanted to create one for our Guild, however was stopped as I had to create a "fan" page.... Please... excuse me?

I also have issues with the usability of the site. Uploading pics "can" be confusing to some, I know Myspace is blas'e to many, however I like it and like its ease, usability, and navigation. I think I am sticking with that site.


I would like to offer my apologies to our readers for the past 2 weeks. I have been ill and away from my baby, mentor and lover. In other words I have been away from my computer.

I am back however and will be posting here for everyone more bits and pieces.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Squiggly Worm

This is a pre-release graciously provided to us by the folks at 2 Moon Press in Marshall. Yes the book was free and no we wont let that influence our review.

My sister has three kids, two boys (god help her) and one girl. I brought the book over and read it to them. Let me first tell you my impressions of it then I will tell you there reaction to it.

The book has alot of colorful artwork, and the artist Levi Krause, I am not sure if he is playing with the Blue Jeans name here, or if that is his real name.. Anyrate. The art work is bright, clean and colorful. The pictures are fun to look at and convey the actual story well.

The actual writing is very fun, the story is about a bad worm, I will leave it at that, however there is no innaproprate content. The story is fun, reads and I admit it was enjoyable to read myself. It teaches children a good lesson or two, and is in my opinion geared for the 4 to 8 year old crowd.

Now for the reaction to the book. My nephews are 5 and 7 and my niece is 3. They had alot of fun and I had to read it several times to them. They were laughing at the fun quips inside of it, the author uses words very cleverly in this book, and there are alot of parts where the kids were laughing, and even dancing. Now I know why I do not have kids.

Moving on. I felt this book was something very nice, and I suggest to any parent out there who reads this to get this book. It is fun, colorful, and the kids enjoyed it immensley.

This book gets a SOLID.

5 Stars +