Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bit about Facebook

I normally do not rant or rave about Social Netowrking. As I work in the IT field, I do understand about the importance of keeping plugged in, and also the importance that these sites serve.

Saying that however, I am amazed at how Facebook is so popular. I recently deleted my page. Reasoning for this was multi faceted. First of all I think the interface is dull, plain and the user cannot make it inatley "theirs", or unique to their personality.

I also do not like the fact that Facebook turns all features "on" that relate to emails being sent to my inbox, and also my information being available to all. This I think trips up far too many users that do not have normal PC knowledge. We already have far too much info out there in the etheral world of the web.

I also do not like the way it uses "networking" in the strictest sense. Facebook has extreme limits for users that own a small business, I had a personal page, I wanted to create one for our Guild, however was stopped as I had to create a "fan" page.... Please... excuse me?

I also have issues with the usability of the site. Uploading pics "can" be confusing to some, I know Myspace is blas'e to many, however I like it and like its ease, usability, and navigation. I think I am sticking with that site.

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