Monday, November 12, 2012

Border Books Franchises.

I wanted to rant a tad on Borders Books, and how they have so graciously treated those independent franchises who gave them business and trusted them.

The nail is in the coffin now on these people, as Borders has decided to yank their right to carry the name. Thus effectively pulling all distribution and purchasing ability from these locations. So in other words, they are forcing these stores to close down.

Borders was once my store of choice, then one here in Ann Arbor was wonderful, good people, people who cared about books. Service was spot on and so on. However now they are no more, they are gone and relegated to the annals of failed stores and ideas. Businesses fail, that is a fact of life, however when a store is FORCED to close over their name....... Well that just is horrible.

My Garden In June

My Garden in June by Author and self described poet Ellen Hajduk is another easy read by 2 Moon Press.

This book is small and odd sized, however the size suits the book fine due to its colorful nature and subject matter.

The book is essentially the authors poetry, and also her photography. The photography is nice to look at, clear and interesting. We actually read all four of a series, there are more coming. However this book is probably the best  of them all. Cover art and work is stunning, so image wise the author his a solid run.

However her poetry was flat to me, she attempts to dazzle and reflect, yet she doesn't deliver. Her poetry to me lacked interest and flavor, and really should have maybe even been left out, as the imagery is very nice.

I am torn on the rating, as if this was photos work alone, I would have given her a 4 star rating. However since the poetry is what it is, I have to give this book...

2.5 Stars

The Perigination of Bahltazar and the Phantom Rangers

Being back from a huge hiatus and with an eager eye, this is the first of many books that we are reviewing for your pleasure.

Gustav Tootikian is the author of this book, and after reading it I am a little confused as to a few things. However I will plod along.

The book was not an easy read. I hate to begin to crass, however the authors writing style attempts to be dark and mysterious and it comes across instead as wordy and in some cases even odd. His concepts and things he goes into, in the book lack for flavor and depth as he has no real background leading up to the events and such.

Character development was poor in my opinion, there was just nothing there when it came to his characters, there was nothing to love, hate or root for. I tried hard to like them, but there just was nothing there. Grammar and puncuation was fine, and spelling was fine. However again, the language he uses is at times confusing, and you will need a dictionary to read this, as he does not a very good job at educating the reader about his subject.

Overall I see the concept he wanted to get across, but he failed on delivery. So this book gets a flat rating of...

2 Stars