Monday, April 16, 2012

A Son Of The Widow

A Son Of The Widow by W.R. Acock is an interesting read actually about a soldier in the British Army during the Indian Occupation by the British. The book was written by his long forward relatives, and the name of the author is actually a Pen name used by them.

My initial impression of this book is that it is attractive to look at. Story line is interesting, and although I am not a fan of Military or historical books, it was interesting to read.

However the book fell flat in one area, the author(s) failed to make I think the main subject, (Acock) someone I could relate to on a personal reader level. They I think wanted to make the book about this man, and kept too close to the information at hand. I think it would have helped this book, if they would have added some more personal details about him. Due to this it actually made me want more.

However also there were gems in the book like part IV. Overall it was a great read..

4 Stars

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  1. First of all I'd like to say, I am a great grandson of W.R. Acock, and I and my relatives are thrilled that there is any interest at all in the book. However, while I can see how it would seem so, my relatives did not write the book. It was written by W.R. Acock himself and PUBLISHED by his descendants. There was some substantial editing done to combine different versions and separate pieces into one (fairly) coherent volume, but the words themselves are all from W. R. Acock. Hope this clears up any confusion, and thanks for your interest!