Sunday, June 26, 2011

Speaking Earth

Written by Maureen Lynah, we gave this one of our book cover awards, however what matters with us is the meat of the book. This book touts itself to be a book to help kids have a better appreciation of the Earth and what it gives us.

This book had SO and I mean SO much potential fora real ringer, a real cool book that could have done something I have been a fan of for my adult life, and that is Earth Awareness. In other words to you pigs who like to throw your McDonalds wrappers out the car window.. STOP.

The writer attempts to place lessons in this book, and the book is broken into sections that have a different theme or end lesson. However this is where the author fails. She places mundane questions in the book, that have nothing really to do with "lessons" or education of the earth. I would like to have seen practical lessons where the "student reader" would have to go outside, and actually interact with the outdoors.

Instead she just asks mundane and nonsensical questions that make the book if anything the opposite of what I think she is intending. Wonderful cover, wonderful design, and a SUPER concept, but the author frankly fails on executing that concept into something that it really should be. Thus I have to give her a I feel well deserved.

3 Stars

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