Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are Prisons Obsolete

This book by Angela Y. Davis is one I bought new, and was anxious to read. I was at first interested in what she had to say, however this review will be short, as I was frankly disgusted at this authors constant attack on "society" and also "Goverment" as being somehow responsible by and large for the prison poulation.

The straw that broke my reading back however was her anology, that prisons are the new modern plantation that houses minorities and unfailry keeps them. The book mention not that most and I admit there are those few inoocent and also persecuted, however she no where states these men are in prison for breakng societies laws.

I am not some lock em up and throw away the key kinda gal, however I AM a take responsibility for your won actions kinda gal. Yes prisons have issues and we need MASS reform, however this author uses this book as a attack on prisons, and also a defense of minorities in prison as being victims. They are not by and large, and to read a book that extoles prisoners as being victimized makes me cringe.

This book gets....

2 Stars

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