Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gracie's Day With Daisy

This new book released in Late 2010 by Author Kristina Garcia is part of a larger series called the "Country Secrets Series".

The book is designed to be a chapter reader, however it is oriented to a kindergartner crowd. My initial impression was that this was not a very good thing, as children tend to read and progress at specific levels.

Saying that, I was pleased upon reading it. The books premise as is the whole series according to the publisher 2 Moon Press, is that each book (there will be 12) contains a stand alone story. Each one revolves around a child going off to the country and they learn a secret.

The "secrets" involve animals, bugs and fish, and these fun and friendly animals, bugs and fish all talk and interact with the kids in a positive and fun way. The author writes in a fun and interesting way, and she makes the reading experience something that young readers will enjoy.

The editing is crafted well, with attractive covers that are whimsical and make sense for the story. Spelling, syntax and flow is done properly and in a sensical manner.

What interests me the most about this book is the possibility of the next four books in the series. The publisher sent us an advanced reader copy of her fifth book that we cannot go too far into I can just say these books will make the average mom or dad make sure they collect them all. We are so impressed with the innovative nature of these books that we have selected the book for an Outlook Award for Childrens writing.

We thus give this book and so far the first 4 in her series...


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