Friday, July 29, 2011

Meat Puppet

Meat Puppet is a horror book from Jackson Michigan author Thom Futrell. My normal taste does NOT go to this genre however I am going to review this on the facts.

First impression is not impressive. The cover is frankly uninspiring. Whomever this author gets to do his covers, he needs to fire the man or woman. The cover IS a look into the soul of the book, and I have seen a couple of his books, and with his cover designers work, they have cost this author I am betting hundreds, if not thousands of sales. How do I know this. Well read on.

I am going to say something that I rarely do when it comes to an authors writing. He is an outstanding author of horror. He has a way to creep you out that while reading one of his stories, the undead one was unsettling to me, which this author will probably enjoy.

One other problem is his editing. Although it is good it is not as it should be. There are many classic mistakes, however they were minor and few and did not take me too far from the read. I was impressed with his skill in weaving situations and circumstances where I became unsettled, and started listening to the dishwasher downstairs running, wondering if something dead was crawling up the stairs.

I give this advice to the author.. Thom... Thom baby... PLEASE get a new cover designer, I PROMISE YOU that you will sell tons more. I give this book due to the covers...

4 Stars

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