Saturday, July 16, 2011

Honest, I plead NOT GUILTY !

Questions have been raised at our so called "harshness" when reviewing books. We do not feel we are harsh at all. We review books and judge our reviews on not the popularity of a book, but instead we judge the books we read on several things.

  1. Content.
  2. Editing.
  3. Cover design.
  4. Age Appropriateness.
  5. The authors honesty when writing about themselves.
So yes we look at more than the sales of a book. We look deeper than "WHO" the author is. We are honest and feel that as time goes by our reviews will become something that more and more people appreciate.

Authors are not all created equally, and we do not get paid, bribed or get Harley Davidsons from those we review. I and my friends who do this, do it on our own time. In other words we do this for FREE. The only perk we get is publisher send us books for free so we can review them, or maybe the author does.

I am not an author as I lack the essential skill of doing so, I am not embarrassed about it. However, I also am an avid reader and know a good book, well written, well laid out, great covers when I see it.

If you do not like my review of your book, I am sorry. I give feedback as to reasons, and instead of getting angry with the CAG, why not learn from the review, and grow as an author. If you think you are a perfect writer, then please cease writing, as no one is perfect. Steven King still does not know the difference between Their and There....

So since my trial is over, and I feel I am not guilty of being a bad reviewer, lets move on to more books. Boy do we have a lot of them to review.

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