Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Duchess of Whimsy

This is simply a picture book, one that is wonderfully illustrated and colorful. The artist of this book is a well known illustrator and the pictures are colorful and clean.

The writer also is fairly well known, and this book proves an old adage I like that says, You cannot always judge a kids book by it's illustrations.

The story line although meant to be cute is frankly far above what a typical kid would be able to understand. The writing is meant to be fancy and follows almost a Shakespearean style.

Thus it uses concepts and words that the two kids I read it to (5 and 7) were confused over, and really did not get anything out of it except WOW cool pictures. The writer really did this wonderful job with the illustrations. However the writer cheated the illustrator with their arrogant sounding prose. This book gets 5 stars for the illustrator. However, due to the writers seeming attempt to impress and failing to do so. I give this book...


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