Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Keeper Of Lost Causes

This book by veteran writer Jussi Adler-Olsen is at first glance a boring read, one that even though his list of writing awards is long, seems to bore and blither along.

However once I got past chapter two the book engaged me and took off in interesting and unexpected ways. The story which is designed to be from what I can gather the start of a series. Has it's problems like I said, however it does take off, and take off fast.

A washed up and emotionally screwed up detective who is the sole survivor of a shooting that took two of his comrades, and of course he blames himself. Finds out that a long though cold case involving a missing politician, is in fact deeper in its deciet and scope than first thought. While his comrades in law scoff at his interest in this cold case, he of course finds more.... Now don't let my seeming contempt there shake you. I want to say that this is where it gets good.

The author does a good job of keeping the reader interested and engaged. His storytelling is compelling and the editing is spot on. Some of the characters are a little over used, and are kind of cliche' however I think he does this on purpose. Overall this is an excellent book, and will kindle an interest in the world of Noir fiction that I think has been lost for years. This writer gets a firm...


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