Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Mewsing Haiku

This book by Sharon Lee is essentially a book of Japanese style poetry that is paired with pencil images. I purchased this from a small shop in Jackson when there at the suggestion of the publisher.

I am not into poetry that much, and I do not review much of it, however haiku is something I have always tried to wrap my head around as it is not what I would call 'normal' poetry. However I gave it a whirl.

Book design is standard, although I would like to have seen it a bit smaller, maybe a pocket edition would have suited this book better. However it is what it is.

The haiku is cute at time, centered around cats, and although I am not a huge lover of it, the book unfortunately did little to change my mind. I gave the book to my friend who is a self described poetry addict, and she agreed. The haiku is just flat, uninspiring... The artwork that went with it was cute, suited for the subject however the pairing just did not work. I overall just could not get into this book, and struggled with competing the review reading. I would be interested in seeing the authors regular non haiku poetry.

Thus I give a generous.

3 Stars

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