Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part of a series of books, this being the 9th, this one comes from my sisters daughter. Author Sophie Blackall amazes not only with this book but with the previous eight.

The books tend to teach younger ones to read better, have fun with math and science, and tells the adventures of the two main characters, which the books are titled.

The writing is fresh and interesting, and I was surprised at how I even got into them, even with my adult mind with all of its prerequisites and preconceptions.

The author tells her stories in a clean and interesting way, the story is fun and age appropriate for the audience, and she uses little tricks to keep her readers interesting. Always a little hint of what is in the next book, my sister told me my niece LOVED the books, and my niece confirmed it by badgering me with questions when I read it.

Due to the interactivity and cute and innovative storyline, I give this book a solid...

4 Stars

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