Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas was a blast

Reading this book I smack my forehead at the fact that they still are milking a great authors name by claiming the book is based off of notes he kept.

Then placing his name under it, in an effort to sell it. A Memory of Light I read over the holidays, and I was looking forward to reading this massive 912 page work. However once into it, I was let down.

Filled with little gems of great writing, and with room in the story to have a great read, the writer tried to hard to write like Jordan, he tried to be the master of fantasy instead of simply letting it flow and making his own mark on it. Then again he made his mark and maybe that is the problem.

Filled with a potpourri of characters and scenes, the story is broad in scope but he drones on, filling the pages with long winded accounts, the battle scenes I admit were decent to read, and more in line with Jordan's style. However character development and readability just was not there.

Jordan's widow edited these works, and I think it is best she no longer does so. She tries to leave her husbands mark on something that he did not write. Yes the books are based on his notes and such. However also the books need to be BASED on his works, let the new author go with it, run with the story. Her control and obvious leanings are all over this work.

Thus this gets a well deserved, but could have been better...

3 stars

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