Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Slice Of Time

This book by self described historian Dianne Griswold chronicles the history of and her experiences with a museum she worked for.

I love history, and I love books that tell little bits of history and the little stories of the behind the scenes goings on of these places. However, after reading this book I just have many issues with her writing.

First the storyline if you want to call it that is hard to read, her writing style tries to be grandiose and interesting and well... She just fails. Her wittiness comes across as being flat, and she lacks the inciteful wittiness that a book like this demands.

However what turned me off about this book the most, is the obvious animosity she has towards certain people in the book. When a historical book is used to express and indulge in personal agendas, then that right there ruins it. The author should have left out the pettiness and kept to the meat and interesting tasty potatoes of it. Overall this book had SUCH GREAT potential, however hit me wrong. So this book gets....

2 Stars

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