Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eddings - Belgariad

I normally do not review multi book series, nor do I normally have the time to read series stories. This is due to several reason's such as time, and well... time.

However at the prompting of someone dear to me, I read a book and originally I was going to do a review of it on its own merit. However one turned into two, and well two turned into the entire damn series.

David Eddings is someone I have read "about" however never had read. I have heard allot of good and bad about his stories, and frankly the bad made me really not want to delve into the covers. Saying that here is my review. (Sorry for the intro)

The Belgariad is a five book series, and book one Pawn of Prophecy is a very good book. They get better as they go. The story is about a boy, who is not as he seems, the characters around him are not as they seem, and he is pulled along into a huge and vast adventure. I mean this story is so interwoven, and interlocking with characters, intrigue, and story... The writing is at times simplistic, however it is done sometimes to make the story simple to read, and the author has a great way to make the complex seem understandable at a basic level.

Character development is somewhat a cliche in allot of ways, however he does place cool twists on things at times that makes the story interesting. The writing is clean, however this actually could be because I read a umpteenth printing of the book, so I imagine (or hope) the editing has been spot cleaned.

Overall the books stop and carry on in correct and logical places form book to book, and the ending although predictable in some ways, is fun as it leaves the knowledge that there is something else in the works byt he author. Indeed there is as there is another five book series called the Mallorean that the author continues the story line on with, I am in the middle of the first book of that and like it alot.

The author is deceased passing away a few years ago, and he has reason to smile from above, as he left a legacy to be proud of. Thus we give the Belgariad a well deserved...

5 Stars

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