Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ranting about nothing

Today is Thanksgiving, and normally I would save today for words of gratitude for family and friends. However I must aqueous to more urgent matters. Last evening I went into the Jackson Michigan WalMart (first mistake) and with my good friend, we bought a simple. Frozen. Rock hard turkey.

Now that was not the problem. The problem was, it would not scan. As this was the case, the entire world stopped. Stage one was the cashiers look of puzzle, as she scanned it not once, but fourteen times, then six with her wand. Then came a call for a manager, who could not get it to scan. So Lee my BFF asked, "Why not just punch the price in?" This was met with a perplexed look by the manager, and a look of horror by the cashier.

"We cant do that here." The manager said. So we stood there for 13 minutes (yes thirteen) while they... guess..

Tried to get it to scan.

This resulted in us telling them we would just go back and get another one. Which we did, waited another 20 minutes in line, only to get up there.... It would not scan. We walked out to dirty looks by the cashier as to why we would not wait to let them solve the problem.

One more reason I rarely go into that place, and one MORE reason I will avoid it even more now.

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