Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Love Bug

Little Love Bug by Allison Halsted. This is a childrens book designed I feel for the pre kindergaten crowd, and is nicley illustated by artist Sharon Merchant. The story line by this new author is cute, and tells the story of a little boy who is called love Bug by his mother, so he goes into the yard and has an adventure.

Basically, he learns through interations with bugs and anumals that he is really his mommies love bug. Now this is a very simple story, however it is so well done by the author, this is one of those books that is classic in its story, and is something I could see on a parents shelf, to one day be handed down to their child.

There is even a cool thing in the back of the book that is so the parent can dedicate the book to their child. I hope to see more books by this wonderful new author, and thus give this wonderful book a solid...

4 Stars

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