Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oinga Boingas Oh My

I wanted to say off the bat on this book that at first glance the book is cute, colors are bright and the artwork on the cover is top notch. Opening it up and scanning it it is laid out in typical fashion, image to one side, text on the other.

The story line is cute, and without ticking any of the creatures in my house off, is fun and teaches a lesson which is a bonus in my book. It seems Oinga Boingas are little balls of fir that make messes. Move over Gremlins there is a new sherriff in town. The imagery is clear, very colorful and the artist is very talented.

The associated storyline is fun, linear in its flow and is pleasing to the little ones. I read it to my famous test audience my neices and nephews and they seemed to like it. I gave it to a friend who works at an undisclosed daycare center and she stole the damn thing from me. They want it for their kiddies.
The author indicates in the book she is writing other works, Please do so, however dont mess with the style of the images, as they are timeless in their presentation. I give this new and hopefully up and coming author a very well deserved.

5 Stars

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