Monday, November 1, 2010


Eleganta by Denny Swartzlander is an interesting read overall. Taking place in medieval England, his writing style reminds of us of Eddings in that it is simplistic, yet engaging. The story is basically about a fairy is born and this event is unique, as it is a rare thing indeed. So naturally it garners lots of attention and this attention is not always positive.

So the fairy becomes the desire of a old evil troll, and this evil troll goes after the baby fairy. Now simplistic as the story is, the story is somehow engaging and interesting. The storyline pulled me into the book, and I actually read thie book in two sittings, however between my first sitting and the last one, I was anxious to get back to it.

This book is interesting, fun, and I think would be a great gift for Christmas. So for this book we give Eleganta a solid.

4 Stars

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