Monday, November 1, 2010

Life is short - Buy a book.

I went to L.A about a month ago, and I was amazed at something I heard in the airport as I waited for my plane. (Northwest Airlines is horrid)... At any rate, I was sitting there and someone left a book on the seat, this little girl of maybe 9 walked up, picked it up and opened it up. By the cover I saw it was one of those kids chapter reader books. Nothing bad or inappropriate.

The girls sits there for an hour, quietly reading it, Mom then shows up. Please do not ask me where mom was... I have no clue. She asks the girl where she got the book, little girl tells her it was right there, so she wanted to read, it and loved it. As a matter of fact she tells Mom. "Mom, I like this, I want some more books, can you get me some?"

Mom replies. "No, books are stupid, put it down."
I was floored, the girl argued with her Mom, and finally mom's ultimatum was, "Put that dumb book away or I am going to take your makeup away!"

Gee sounds like a deal to me.


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  2. That is so disheartening, but, unfortunately, not unbelievable.

  3. We teach our children what we value despite their best efforts to teach us what really matters.

  4. Very sad indeed, also believable.

    I hope said girl is able to enjoy books in spite of parental disapproval. Can't say my family's big into reading but they mostly let me alone while growing up.