Thursday, March 4, 2010

Behold The Future

Ths book by Author Esther Russ was something I was not expecting. I thought the book was going to be something that it was not. I am not trying to be mean her, however the book was basically her extolling how she is the chosen one. What made me initially excited was that this lady is from Jackson, MI and as she is a smaller local author I was happy to read the book. She is the chosen one she infers heavily.....
Chosen one? Yes I said that. She starts off with the mystical story of her birth, and how at that time she was given the divine purpose of preparing humanity for the end of the world. Basically an asteroid is coming and yes for 19.95 you can get the key to surviving the armegedon that is coming.
I am not trying to be cynical and no it is not that time of the month for me, I frankly was laughing through this book. She tries to scare you into worrying and instead makes it funny.
She touts this book as "A BIBLICAL DOCUMENT" and thus her arrogance bleeds through and continues through her writing, I do not think she is doing this to manipulate or take advantage of people, I think she believes this for real. She makes soe vry bizzarre predictions the one that struck me was that the anti Christ will come from and reign from Jeruselum and then will slaughter Jewish babies. She like to quote scripture through this book however she gave no reasoning nor biblical basis for this.
I also question a 380 page book that basically extolls itself as basically the manual to survive the apocalypse. I was thinking of God himself as she touts gave her this information it would be thicker. No blasphomy intended there...... The references to Antarctica are frankly funny, and this is evidently the place to go. She doesnt tell you how to get there, but she does use scripture to relate WHY Antarctica is the land of the redeemed.
Frankly I do not understand the concepts she pulls from, and no where in the Bible have I ever seen a reference like this. The book is long winded, and in alot of places funny. I have to give this work a gracious.
2 Stars

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