Friday, March 5, 2010

Advance to Adventure

Written by r. Stephen Gallant, this book is about an Arctic expedition and the trials and tribulations that it entails. Now I have read Scotts chronicles about his adventures to the Pole and thought that this may be a rubber stamp of that.

However it is not. The character development is real, and the Author in his way he lays out the trilas and tribulations of these men is real to me as a reader.

Now saying that this book then did something that made me more than a little let down. He switches gears and goes into these side tangents that make it clear he is trying to attract a young audience. He target is 9-12 year olds and he goes for them. He tries to use modern day terms even though his characters are from an older time. Listening to these men use terms like "far out" and also "cool man" is a let down as this book is supposed to be a very serious read of adventure.

Saying that, it is entertaining and a book I "overall" enjoyed, so this one gets a nice.

3.5 Stars

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