Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well.... Sharpen doth claws I do......

Now as I do this review I am posting this not as a "Purchaser", I am posting this review as an Author who uses their services.

I must say that I wish there was a better alternative to sell books online that offered their exposure and customer data base. I was very excited when I contacted them and they welcomed me with open arms into the folds of the Amazon Author family. Well that was until two things happened.

First off they informed me that they take 55 percent of EVERY book I sell as their fee. That is the price off of retail. My book retails for 9.99 so for the pleasure of using their site for every book I sell they take 5.00 of it. I called them and got an Author rep, they informed me this is due to their storage of my books.

I am self published (so far).. and they only take ONE book at a time from people like me, so if I sell 10 books in a week they take 5.00 from every book, even though I have to send it via mail at 2.50 per book.. OH WAIT I cant do that as they give INSANELY short "Order Due" times, so I have to send it via Priority mail, that costs me 4.85.

So as a small Author I am basically screwed by them. I asked her (author rep) if they would let me send in 24 books, or other amount, so I wouldnt have to ship all the time and basically LOSE money.. They told me NOPE !!!

I guess if you are not from a Publisher they treat you like crap, OH WAIT !! they treat you nicely as they want your 55 percent. They just use a screwed up logic set to do their small self published author work. I think I may go to a Publisher and pay a fee... in the end I save money then.


2 Stars

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  1. I gave them 2 stars and not 1 as they DO offer self published authors an easy means to seel their books. You dont make any money but you see your book on amazon.