Friday, March 5, 2010

History of the knights Templar

Written by Susie Hodge this book is essentially an illustrated history as it touts itself to be. What is compelling about this book is that the author does not fall into the traps that other authors fall into when writing about the Templars.

She does not use this as a religious spring board for her beliefs, instead she gives clear and concise reference material, and she backs up her statements and information with a very nice Appendix and reference section.

I am alover of history and the Templars are one of the most misunderstood and misreported parts of our world history. Not all were saints, and instead alot of them were just plain cold blooded murderers, and she reports this in her book with a neutrality that is refreshing and nice to see.

The art work in this book is very cool, as she takes period art and drawings an incorporates them into her book nicley. The book is nicely editied with only some minor issues that take nothing from it. Thus we have awarded this book both an BLUE NEBULA award for writing, and also a DAVINCI AWARD for her illustrations and artwork presentation.

Thus this book get a solid

4.5 Stars

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