Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whitesmoke Editing Software

I was SO STOKED when I saw this on the internet, I got online did some google research and saw 99 percent good things about the "new" version of it.
So I got online and plopped down 200 hard earned dollars, downloaded it. I even paid extra for what they call a "Multidownload" License.
The english translation of that is, that if something happens to my PC, I could download it again for free as I already have paid for it. Well I downloaded it and started it up. I used it with my 400 page manuscript and the thing worked SO GOOD !!!! I was SO impressed, the software caught errors in my SYNTAX. Yes even the syntax errors this caught. So I now have a new best friend.
Well... NO I dont. I the next day fired the Whitesmoke up and it would not work.??? I tried everything, Uninstalling it, then reinstalling it. I got online saw some complaint to the effect, then called Whitesmoke and left a voice mail. I waited 1 week no call back, I emailed their customer service and got a rubber stamp reply giving me several things to dot o "fix" the issue. NOTHING WORKED. Finally I wrote tech support five yes FIVE times over a 2 week time frame, then finally I got an email from them telling me this.
If you have a 64 bit operating system Whitesmoke is not designed to work that that, thus your software wont work. Sorry....
I asked for a refund with no reply. I got online and relooked at their site. NO PLACE ANYWHERE do they tell you this, and this is something pretty significant. I was so excited and now I am out 200 bucks as even my lap top has a 64 bit operating system. I have to rate this three ways.
Service 1 Star
Functionality 4 Stars (when on a 32 bit system)
Honesty 1 Star

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