Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Murder in a Cathedral

This book by Ruth Dudley Edwards is by FAR a great read, yes I am starting off a review like that. This book grabbed me from page one and kept a very tight hold of me while I read all 232 pages.
My only complaint is this. The book tends to be somewhat saterycal in nature sometimes, and it doesnt fit the plot or story lines. However saying that the book is a fun and interesting read, and one that I hope the Author one day continues.
Her characters namely the Baroness Jack Troutbeck, yes Jack is a woman. and her friend Robert Amiss go from one misadventure to another, it does somewhat remind you of a sarcastic Holmes duo at times, however she saves herself with an original story line that does pull you in. There is something odd in this book as you can tell that the Author is very religious, or atleast in my opinion seems that way as she also uses Roberts own inner struggles and his willingness to trust as a mechanism for his schizm withthe Church. The author does also try to once in awhile send a message to the reader extolling the virtues of Christianity and that would normally get a mark from me, however she is not effective at this and it sometimes adds to the story. so I will pass over this attempt to educate.
I wish this author would have made this book around 400 pages, and I think she could have easily, again great read and one that I will say one should get.
4 Stars

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