Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blitz Cat

This book is by Robert Westall and I have to review it. The book is designed for young readers and frankly I LOVED IT so much.
Lord Gort is a cat and the book is so cool as the cat goes through these adventures, all during World War II Englad and the Blitz. The book is written in a mix of the cats perspective and also the people that he runs into. He is looking for his master, and simply goes from one person, to another family and so on.
Each interaction brings not only stark reality to what happened back then and what it was like to be in England during the blitz, but it also is written so well, that you begin to think of the cat as someone real. Someone to care about to worry about. I find nothing wrong with this book and the message it tells is one that kids these days could really learn.
A VERY Solid.
5 Stars

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