Sunday, March 7, 2010

We are a reveiwing blog, however once in awhile I have to vent over soemthing so silly, so humanly retarded that I well... Do vent.

I was in the mall today in Ann Arbor, and while there I stopped at Barnes & Noble book sellers. I asked them do they have a section where I can pick from those authors who are "lesser" known. Well the man at the counter looked at me perplexed and said no..... I asked him is there a local authors section, and same answer. No.

This trouble me as we review here lesser known men and women who write, and to have a large seller like B&N not give any shelf specific area LIKE THEY USED TO... is sad. How are these men and women like me supposed to get airtime so to speak when the larger sellers basically do nothing to help them. Their bread an butter are readers and also those that get inspiration from reading. I am so inspired by so many authors in my writing, and I had to hunt around today for 3 books from those I thought were new. Only to get home and find out they are established.

Yikes !

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