Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life Death and Sex in Prison

First of all this book was written by JIMMIE.... yes Jimmie no last name, so that is an automatic red flag for credibility and also accuracy. Although he claims to be a ex-Police Officer who "knows all about prisons" - (SMIRK) -

I bought his book as I was intrigued by its title and plus the book tells the story of two police officers who are wrongfully convicted, however they are guilty of the crimes in another State. I am puzzled at the logic but hey I went with the flow...

To be fair the book is horrible. Grammar, Spelling and editing is non existent. The book basically is an attack on the prison system painting everyone inside as victims. The book tries to use sex as a carrot on a stick to draw you in deeper, however the vulgarity of the descriptions that are meant to galavanize the reader make instead the reader feel dirty, and plus I have a good enough imagination without needing a play by play....

The book offers no insight into how it really is inside of prison, and frankly I wonder if this guy ever was really IN prison. I just felt nothing while reading the book, plus for such a monumental subject the book is very thin, small..... 148 pages. I would think it would take 148 pages to tell me about the first few weeks ion being in such a place.

Graphic Sex, Mispellings, NO Syntax, NO editing, the story line goes off in these inane and silly questions that are designed to intrigue you but fails miserably to do so, and the writer hiding from the reader are all things that make this a solid.

1 Star (I am being generous here)

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