Monday, March 15, 2010

Blood Ties

I am a lover of crime novels. I have read her other two books that lean into this one. This book is supposed to end the 3 book series, however it does fall a bit flat.

Do not read this series out of order, for if you do. You shall walk away confused and in some ways frustrated as a reader.
The plot line is simple. Murders are happening, as they start to add up the local Sherriff who is basically an idiot, calls in an elite FBI crime unit that is made up of Agents with investigative powers. My problems with the plotline are numerous.

The author uses so many over used cliche's and plt lines that are frankly so over used by other books that when reading it I was YAAAWWNN!!!! Then couple the absurdities of the story line really let me down. I liked the first two books but this one really laid flat. Her story line although very detailed is so introvertly complicated that I got a heachache trying to wrap my head around her story line.

Very complicated story line. Characters that need development like I need a dye job. Plus story line is so complicated but it is not DEVELOPED. I know sounds confusing. But complicated does not mean developed.

I was anxious to get this one, but was let down. So this one gets a solid.

3 Stars

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