Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ghastly Glass

This book is written by a husband and wife team named Joyce and Jim Levene. This is a very enjoyable book and one that I think would make a fairly decent trilogy or ongoing story. Murders are happening at a ren faire, and no one knows who is comitting them.

Well, once the old reaper is knocked off then it is up the main character Jesse to find out who is killing people. The book starts off slow with some un-needed background info, however this doesnt detract from the book at all as the story is intersting and fun.

Even though the subject is serious the book is written in such a way that the writers make it fun and a breeze to read. Now the interesting thing is that these people are actually fairly well known "real" journalists. They have won awards for their reporting. So the writing is clear and editing which is a pet peeve of mine is spot on. I havent tried any of the 25 other some odd books they have written, however I was impressed with this one. I do wish character development was a bit better, however I was told by my local librarian that there are other books with this character, so I wont deduct points for that.

I can honestly and solidly give this book.

4.5 Stars

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