Thursday, March 4, 2010

This book by Steve Russo claims to tell the truth about Wicca and Dark Magic. Now I will state here I am Christian and not in any way Wiccan or Pagain. However I have alot of friends who are.

I have known them for years and have actually been to some of their events. Saying that my review is thus.

I have many issues with this book as frankly the author either purposley presents falsehoods, or he is ignorant about what he writes. Both are great sins for anyone writing something that is supposed to show "the real".... well anything.

The Author claims people who follow Wicca worship the devil and this is not true. I know that those that practice these religions dont beleive in the devil. I am sure Heavan, Hell and the Devil are inatley Christian. Saying that I also did not like this authors writing style, he is dramatic, makes claims with no historical or other proof, he references "ancient texts" yet does not clarify WHICH ancient texts.....

I do not understand how he touts Wicca as like a drug that corrupts the young. Wicca and Paganism are religions, I talked to my Pastor about this and he agred with me. Yes not my religion but it is a religion. To attack a religion as evil, or as sinful simply as it is not yours is wrong in my own little black book.

My Black book is the Bible......

This book had so much potential, even if the author feels these religions are dangerous and he does... I would have hoped he would have put together well structured arguments, and presented this / his case with logic and accurate reference. He unfortunatley has not and he attacks instead of argues points.

Bad book, Bad writing, Bad Logic, and Bad arguments.

1 Star

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