Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We have a rating scale when we review a book, writing or Publisher.

We have a simple easy to understand system.

1 - 5

1 is the worst 5 is the best.

We explain in detail the reasoning behind our rating scales so the reader of this blog can understand and know WHY we say what we say.

Our ratings and this site is to be used as a guide for you, and we do not take money from anyone, nor do we take pay for review... We are sent books by Authors, get them from libraries and Publishers contact us to send us books.

We will take and review within reason any book, however we will NOT review any large well known author. We ONLY REVIEW lesser known small Authors.

And beware, we are VERY HONEST about our reviews. Unbiased and neutral is the key to doing a good review. And we do that.

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