Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Mistresses of Henry VIII

Written by Kelly Hart, this book is SO rich in detail and also fact, there are alot of books on the Tudor period, and as I am a Renny, and love dresses of that period, I have to say that this book so much captures the feel of that period for me as a reader.

The book is detailed and chronicles not the well known wives like Ann and Mary, this book detailes other women, and there were alot of them.

Henry the VIIIth was basically a man whore. He liked women and was not picky about how they looked, or how there standing was in society. He had to have variety, and maybe this is where the present Princes of England get it from ;-)

The editing is spotless, the writing superb, and also the HUGE stand out is that this author chronicles the average woman, the woman who this jerk took advantage of, he used them all and after having his pleasure he simply tossed them aside and considered them used. There is a theory that he fthered hundreds of kids from hundreds of women. So you never know if your lineage goes back to that time, old Henry may be your GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat Grampa.

This books due to its quality writing, richness of historical fact, and the writers OBVIOUS dedication to her craft earns it a SOLID!!!

5 Stars

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  1. I read this book, and enjoyed it as well. However, to refer to Henry VIII as a "man whore" based on the information in one book is incredibly short sighted. If you were truly a student of the Renaissance, as opposed to someone who simply enjoys dressing up in period costumes and going to faires, you would know there are a wealth of books by Tudor period books that largely refute a good deal found in this book. Henry Tudor was very educated, refined, artistic, and incredibly fastidious, both in his personal hygiene and appearance and those of his women. He was VERY particular as to the appearance of his women, and had very few mistresses, as compared to his contemporaries. Rather than obtaining your historical facts from Ren faires, try doing a bit more reading, and you'll discover Henry was actually a bit of a prude, and was considered a hopeless romantic. Read up on Henry's rival Francis I of France - he might actually deserve to be called a "man whore!"