Monday, March 15, 2010

This book is a great table book, I bought it the same time I bought my Freddie Mercury book and admit I very much enjoyed going through it.
Lots of pictures, charts, and tables. The two authros do a very good job at explainging very difficult concepts, and making them easy to understand. I had more than a few OHHHH OKKKKK moments.
The paper is rich and nice, and over all this is a great book even for an airhead anti science fem fatale. I cant say much more about this than buy it, the price at discount books is good. 15 bucks. The thing retails for almost 60 dollars.
Overall, I say for 15 dollars a great deal and informative read. For 60 collars not worht it. I admit i troll dicsount books just for these kinds of deals. And this one was just that.
5 Stars

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