Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sherlock & Elf

Sherlock & Elf by Ro Brisbois is designed for young readers and even though I am 30, I LOVE these kinds of books. I think I have most of the Scholastic books on my shelves and still read them.

However this book falls flat with me. The premise is simple, two cats that long to see the other side of their masters kitchen window, get their chance once their master go on vacation. Once they are able they have a series of adventures.
Now this book could have been very very good, as there is alot of room to run with this premise. However the adventures are flat and common, nothing unusual or intriguing, and the "huge" evil antagonist in the book (I wont spoil it for you) is frankly neither really very evil, or anything surprising. The author also tends to take a half a page to tell you what one paragraph would do nicley to explain. Now this is the books worst and biggest enemy as the book is only 100 pages, thus valuable room is taken up with the mundane, causing the author to sacrifice story line for inane things.
I wish I could do better as I love these kinds fo books, but this one gets a simple..
3.5 Stars

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