Friday, March 5, 2010

Sheridan Book Binding

I am self published and thus I do not enjoy the pleasure of having a publisher get me my books at a lower price. I understand this and have no problem with this as it is the price I pay for being self published and being too cheap to plunk down a few hundred bucks to get published.
Saying that, after dealing with this company I am investing next month into getting published. I have been teetering on the edge for months to do it, however this company has made me decide to do it. And NO not with them.......
I contacted Sheridan with a standard order. 250 books, 6x9 color cover and BW text interior. They were nice (of course) got me a quote within days, the price was 6.83 per book. I paid my money and aksed them for SPECIFIC requirements for the files. They sent them to me and I made sure they were EXACTLY what they specified.
Lead time was quoted as 3 weeks. 4 weeks, 41/2 weeks go by.... I call leave voice mail 4 days later get a call. Sorry we are working in the book, you will have it "this week".... 9 days later i call leave message and am informed my books are done, and have been sitting there for 2 weeks. Hmmmmm 2 weeks sitting there, however 9 days ago my book was "being done"... I arrange to pick up the books. I am frustrated but ecstatic !!!!!!
I show up and am informed my books are ready, however I owe 245.oo for set up and extra time they had to put into my book getting it ready for print. WHAT !!!!! However I did have my flash drive on me with the original files and their set up instructions, we go in look at the files and imagine this..... MY FILE IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY INSTRUCTED ME TO DO.
Situation solved right! WRONG......... I had to pay that 245.00 extra fee anyways or they would not give me my books. So that added 1.00 to the cost of each of my books. I did what they told me to do and still got hit with a fee. I got my books home opened the box and they looked good... no they looked great.... I was so happy so I decided to take them all out and found of the 250 I bought, 63 of them with glue smeared all over the spine, and so on....
Thus they get the following,
1.5 Stars

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