Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Writers Tool Box

Every once in awhile I will make a posting that I call the Writers Tool Box. This is a entry where I make suggestions to my readers to make their writing better.
Today I talk about Microsoft Word 2007. Now I know MS takes alot of flack from people, and I think overall people are too nice about them. ;-) However I have to be fair here. I lve the software and think that this is a necessity for any PC user out there who writes. The software is easy to use and stable. Yes it is stable as I have never had a single issue of it crashing, exploding, or otherwise.
I love how if does PDF conversion if you have ADOBE, and also there are so many little unknown features that are available like "Cells" and also "Tables". I also like how the manual for hte program that tells you every in and out is 25 bucks. Heck this is the MS version, and has a great titorial CD with it.
Now saying that, suggestions for your tool box. Keep a not book handy where you can list out story line and character information. Also 3 rings binders are a necessity as I tend to print off things and then like to 3 ring them. I like to go to the Satan of all department stores Wal-Mart for these. They are cheap. And buy the D ring style..... These lay very well and dont curl your pages. I also have to suggest backing up all information, as you will if every hotting it big may need to back up your book as your creation.
Heck its late and I have been fixing this site all day, so I am leaving this for now and shall return with a fresh set of updates, ideas, and reviews soon........................ HAPPY WRITING.

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