Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Oort Perimeter

This first book by Author Steven Lake is an interesting Sci-Fi read. It seems this is part of a larger series called the Earthfleet Saga, and with some internet research into the author I find he has some dramatic things indeed planned.

New cover design first of all which frankly was needed and this cover does the book NO JUSTICE. (see below)....
Basically the premise is pretty broad, there is a military organization called "Earthfleet", and these people are pressed with the task of protecting earth.. I know.. YAWN !!!!
BUT !! dont yawn yet. The book is actually very good, and it is original. The character development is fine tuned and the characters are rich and very believable. I was very impressed with his technology. I love Science fiction and this started off with me wondering oh no not another earth is under attack YAWN !!
Instead I was very amazed at the character development, the writing style and also his use of humor in the book. He has a great way to tell of space battles and I like some of the elements he plugs in, he hits them all, espionage, mystery, human pain etc. This was a Blue nebula Winner from us, and a well deserved award indeed.

Now as you can see this is his new cover and a VERY good improvement from the bland one dimensional cover that the first printing was in. I must also note the Authors use of Mathmatical and technological concepts. His ideas are so detailed you start to wonder if these technologies really exist. I was very impressed with his ability to convey ideas and also his ability to describe something in a way that makes me think... Oh gee I wonder how much a coaxial drive would cost for my Honda?
My problems with the book are pretty simple. The author is a little wordy in his presentation and I also would like to have seen a Prologue that tells a little history of what is happenening so I as a reader dont start blind int he book. This is part of a 7 book series so a little history I think would help out understanding some of his concepts and events he writes about. Thus Oort Perimeter gets a even.....

4 Stars


  1. A very enjoyable read! The next book is even better. :D I can't wait until the third book is finished.

  2. I'm a die hard trekie. I'm also a major FireFly, Star Gate, Far Scape and Star Wars fan.

    The Oort Perimeter makes the list, and will forever have a place on my bookshelf.

    This is some of the best sci-fi I have ever read.

  3. He is very good, I still want to see some history in the book, maybe a prologue or a "brief hstory of earthfleet" or something..